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Unsolicited email or 'SPAM' as it is known has become a problem of epidemic proportions. Everyone receives SPAM, some more, some less but it is a problem that is not going to go away soon. SPAM is typically harmless, as long as you don't respond, but it does waste a lot of your time - and time is precious. More importantly "Time is Money!".

Do you receive too much SPAM?
Are you wasting your precious time sorting through SPAM?
Do you use Outlook 2003 (not Outlook Express) for receiving email?

If the answer to these questions is "yes" then spamREF is for you!

The spamREF Outlook Toolbar v2, or simply 'spamREF' for short, is a new anti SPAM system that provides a simple, accurate way of detecting SPAM.

spamREF is a 'plug-in' or 'add-in' for the Microsoft Office 2003 email component Outlook 2003. It extends the capabilities of Outlook 2003 to include many different types of checks that can be run against incoming email to determine if the email is legitimate or not.

There are two versions of spamREF

  1. Professional
    spamREF Professional introduces a new concept in software purchasing. spamREF Professional is what we refer to as "Nearly Freeware". Nearly Freeware software is so inexpensive that it gets forgotten about by the user. By using the Nearly Freeware model a successful product can be offered for sale, benefit the user community and provide enough revenue to the developers to make it worth their while to do properly. A spamREF Professional licence will cost GB�6 per year, around US$1 per month.
  2. Community
    spamREF Community is simply a cut down version of spamREF Professional and is free for HOME users for NON COMMERCIAL use. Please look at this FAQ to understand the differences between the two versions.

Users are able to try the Professional Version free for 30 days to validate its effectiveness at catching SPAM. At any time during the 30 days you can purchase spamREF to make sure that at the end of your trial you still have the kind of SPAM protection to which you have become accustomed. If you choose not to purchase the Professional version at the end of the 30 day trial period, spamREF automatically reverts to the Community version. To download the spamREF toolbar and try the Professional version free for 30 days please go to the Downloads page.

A new toolbar for Microsoft Office 2007 component Outlook 2007 is currently in test and is expected to by available soon.


"In the last six months spamREF has given me back so much time that I hadn't realised I was wasting checking spam email before"
Angus - Oxfordshire, England

"It got right down to business straight away. You install it and off it goes. Brilliant!"
Stephen - Yorkshire, England

I cannot believe the difference spamREF has made. I never used to get much SPAM but over time it got out of hand. With spamREF I can choose how I detect SPAM and tailor it for me.
Rachel - Oxfordshire, England